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At The Talkhouse everyone has the opportunity to enjoy some quite interesting interior, beautiful rooms with fascinating details, good food, comfort like nowhere else in Wales but also the incredible surrounding.

The Talkhouse is located in Pontdolgoch which is a small place near Newtown, so that you can easily and very quickly take a ride there for shopping or visiting some of the interesting sights there. But the interesting part of this area is the possibility of doing a wide range of sports but also getting relaxed.

The grassy, green Wales is known to be a good place for horseback riding, but not only the land, hills and forests can give you a one of a kind horseback riding experience, because you can also go to one of the nearby beaches and watch a beautiful sea sunset that can't be seen everywhere.

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Because it is near the sea, you can also enjoy some sailing, windsurfing or even diving if you are up to something like that. The hills are also quite interesting and tempting, it is never a bad time for a hike or a little exploring trip, because you will always have something to see, for sure.

Close to The Talkhouse there are also a few castles and old buildings that you should consider visiting and learning something new about them and Wales in general, but don't be afraid to get bored - history is boring, but the British history is not.

But the best thing to do here, in order to explore the nature, get to see as much as possible and stay in form at the same time, would be taking a bike ride. You can take a day to visit some of the historic places there, maybe go on the beach or just drive across the countryside and look at the beautiful landscapes that only Wales can offer.

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