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Colin and I have always imagined living and working in the country, and at The Talkhouse (Ty Siarad in Welsh) we have realised ninety-nine-per-cent of our dream.

Be it walking, horse riding, mountain biking, sailing, wind surfing, off road karting or even visiting our nearby clay pigeon shooting centre (of international repute), you'll find an activity to suit you within a few miles making your stay as enjoyable and interesting as possible.

Also the picturesque market towns of Machynlleth and Llanidloes are only a short drive away. The historic towns of chester and shrewsbury are within easy reach with their olde worlde charm and excellent shopping facilities.


Our varied menu of classical cooking caters for both meat eaters and vegetarians alike. We do make regular changes to our menu based on the feedback we get from our customers - please feel free to let us know your favourites and what you think of our menu - only by listening to customers do we keep them coming back again and again.


We have assembled a wine list which we hope will cater for all tastes and budgets and hope you will find a gem which you have not tried before Also, your views and preferences would be greatly appreciated and more importantly taken on board. We want to ensure our wine list is not only award winning but is also a reflection of our valued customers interests and tastes.

Stephen has travelled and worked extensively throughout the world, including France, Australia, Switzerland and Bermuda and in this time has gathered extensive experience of fine wines from around the world. In fact, whilst in Bermuda, he won the "Wine Spectator Award of Excellence" for five consecutive years.

A great deal of mystique surrounds the buying and drinking of wines, but you'll find we provide you with some of the most fabulous wines from some of the best wine regions in the world. Choosing wines from a menu can sometimes be daunting, so why not ask Stephen for a recommendation to compliment your food and suit your palate.

We are constantly looking for the best quality and value for money wines from a range of suppliers.

A wonderful experience at The Talkhouse

Once you go to Great Britain you will not want to leave it, because of the landscape and nature, people, culture and the atmosphere there. Many people consider the UK to be only England and Scotland, but they often forget the most beautiful part of this incredible island - Wales. That is the true gem of Great Britain with incredible nature, beautiful sea and one more little gem hidden there - The Talkhouse.

It is a restaurant, pub, bar and hotel all in one, incredibly put together and seamlessly integrated in the beautiful surrounding. At The Talkhouse you will be able to experience the real British way of living, comfy accommodation with rooms that invite you to stay overnight. There are three types of rooms there - the Tirion, with special decoration and a stylish bathroom that seems to be taken out of the 1920's and brought there. The second type is Tybie, those are comfortable, romantic rooms that are just like made for pairs to enjoy the atmosphere in two and there are also the Myfanwy rooms, that are high class ones with king size beds, unique furniture and a beautiful view on the Welsh landscape.

But what are good rooms and great accommodation without food, people and good drinks - still something, but not enough. The Talkhouse did not get that name for nothing, it is the place where you can meet new people, eat good food, have fun and experience the right way of spending your vacation. Although there is internet access there, you won't feel the need to go online, because there will be plenty things and beautiful sights you will be able to experience at The Talkhouse.

There is also a restaurant where you can try some of the best Welsh dishes and traditional foods. One of those would be the Welsh rarebit, a toast with posh, melted cheese that tastes way better than it sounds, although the name sounds also quite appetizing. Of course there is also the delicious Glamorgan sausage, and Welsh cakes. The last one is considered to be a dessert that can be eaten with tea or milk and that has various dried fruits in it.

But the real thing here, when it comes to food, is the breakfast, you can go downstairs whenever you want in the morning, get a cup of tea and decide what you would like to eat, the classic British breakfast or something from the traditional Welsh cuisine, even vegetarians will find many delicious dishes here, because the Welsh cuisine is mainly based of vegetables and fruits. You can even order your breakfast in your room, so you can, in case you are on the first level, open the French windows and enter your own private garden and eat there.

The pub and bar area is reserved for those who want to enjoy good company and try some of the world's best beers and wines. The Talkhouse is known for the wines they offer there, so don't hesitate to try something new, it will be good for sure, because they have only fabulous wines from the world's best wine regions.

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